If you are looking at a high-rise apartment or condo in Chicago, take a close look. Make sure it is protected by a fire sprinkler system.

Fire sprinklers are the single most effective way to protect you and your family in a fire. They are each individually activated by heat from a fire, preventing flames and toxic smoke from spreading. Learn how they work.

And fire sprinklers are easier to install than you might think. Your building already has the infrastructure in place. Learn how fire sprinklers can be easily retrofitted to your building.

Residents of high-rises without fire sprinklers are much more likely to die in a fire, and those fortunate enough to escape could still face injury and significant property losses. The NFPA reported that from 2014-2018, high-rise fires caused nearly $204 million in property damage each year.

Watch the “Fire Sprinklers Save Lives in High-Rises” Video

fire sprinkler protected vs. unprotected

The Chicago Life Safety Evaluation

Unfortunately, there are hundreds of high-rise buildings in Chicago that are NOT protected with fire sprinklers. Imagine being in a high-rise that catches fire, but doesn’t have fire sprinklers to automatically put it out. Would firefighters be able to reach the upper floors? Would you be able to survive?
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When you are ready to make a move, take a close look and choose the high-rise that makes sense — one protected by a fire sprinkler system.