A fire in a high-rise building can cut off escape down the stairs. Fire ladders can only reach up to the tenth floor. If there is a fire, you are out of options.

Eighty-five percent of the fire deaths recorded annually in the United States occur in homes.* Sprinklers provide the ultimate protection from fire for your property and your family. Sprinklers will extinguish a typical residential fire in less than one minute to dramatically improve survival rates.

How safe would your residential high-rise building would be in the event of a fire? If it doesn’t include fire sprinklers, the answer is simple: it’s not safe enough.

Sprinklers are Important For Life Safety

Sprinklers do not rely upon human factors such as familiarity with escape routes or emergency assistance. They go to work immediately to reduce the danger. Sprinklers prevent the fast developing fires of intense heat (flashover) which are capable of trapping and killing the occupants of a residence.

Learn how fire sprinklers work.

How to get sprinklers in your building.

Buildings Burn, Whether New or Old

Fatal home fires usually involve occupant actions and errors. Expanded use of synthetic material along with other modern contents and furnishings provide a powerful fuel source. Sprinklers can prevent the mistakes of one resident harming another.

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