Hundreds of Lives Still Disrupted by 17 Chicago High-Rise Fires of 2023

Fire sprinklers could have prevented deaths, injuries, property loss and hundreds of displaced occupants.

Photos of the buildings were taken during or after the fire. The photos of the boarded up buildings were taken January 15, 2024.

January 25

4850 S. Lake Park Avenue

Harper Square Cooperative
Kenwood high-rise fire caused by smoking. Fire broke out on the 15th floor of the 25-story building. The fire spread quickly, going vertically all the way to the 24th floor.

April 5

1212 N. Lake Shore Drive

Fire started on the 27th floor. Chicago Fire Lieutenant Jan Tchoryk collapsed climbing the stairs as elevators were shut down. He was unable to be revived.

April 8

6430 S. Stony Island Drive

Island Terrace Apartments
Fire started on the 16th floor of the apartment building. Fire was ruled as “careless use of smoking materials.”

April 12

6151 N. Winthrop Avenue

Winthrop Tower
Third high-rise fire in Chicago in one week.

May 4

6730 S. South Shore Drive

Lakefront Place
Fire occurred on the 10th floor of the 15-story building. Same building had a two-fatality fire in 2013.

June 11

999 N. Lake Shore Drive

Flames were seen on the roof of the Streeterville building. Fire was contained to a penthouse’s wooden deck.

July 31

7100 S. South Shore Drive

7100 South Shore Apartments
Same building had a fire that injured a resident in 2017.

August 18

421 W. Melrose Street

The Eddystone

September 10

3620 S. Rhodes Avenue

Lawless Gardens Apartments

September 23

3550 S. Rhodes Avenue

Lawless Gardens Apartments
Across the parking lot from previous fire at 3620 S. Rhodes Avenue.

October 4

6401 S. Yale Avenue

Vivian Carter Apartments
Fire in senior housing high-rise.

October 9

3110 N. Sheridan Road

November 6

3515 S. Cottage Grove Avenue

Lake Grove Village Apartments

December 8

3033 N. Sheridan Road

3033 Sheridan Tower Condominiums

December 10

6430 S. Stony Island Avenue

Fire in a trash chute.

December 26

6253 S. Michigan Avenue

Southland Village Apartments

December 29

1020 W. Foster Avenue / 5200 N. Sheridan Road

The Edison Apartments
Residents trapped and rescued by ladder. Smoke alarm system did not operate.